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Signing a Contract


Whether you already own a center or are looking to purchase your first one, TradeMarc Preschool Realty provides a complete range of services which results in a positive and educational buying experience.


We maintain a stringent policy of confidentiality and quality control while showing you schools that meet your individual needs. You have access to our exclusive database of centers, and we will make every effort to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in buying, please Contact us.

Advantages of Buyers
Working with
Preschool Realty

We take the time to fully understand your goals and objectives, allowing us to find the right business fit.

We assemble a detailed marketing package containing complete specifications of the business and property.

We examine and review each center's financial records going back at least three years.

We analyze the financial and market strength of each center.

We compile a complete profile of each center’s ongoing business procedures.

We conduct a thorough risk assessment to mitigate unforeseen issues.

We review licensing records to ensure complete documentation in compliance.

We review accreditation records to ensure complete documentation in compliance.

We prepare income and cash flow statements for each center.

We advise you step-by-step through contract preparation and review.

We guide you through the due diligence process and can recommend professionals in the fields of lending, insurance, inspection, accreditation, payroll services and legal.

We professionally manage the entire sales process from the center selection to the closing and transition.

The Process of Buying a Childcare Center

The following is a brief overview of the buying process. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers on more topics related to buying a center. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

To begin your planning, we recommend a personal meeting. We keep every conversation completely confidential. Please Contact us to schedule a convenient time and location.

Financing Prequalification

The first step in the financing process is pre-qualification. Before you start looking at schools, you must determine which financing options are available to you based on your individual financial circumstances. This information establishes what price range of the center will best accomplish your purchase objectives. TradeMarc Preschool Realty provides a simple Buyer profile to be completed as a first step.

Finding the Right Center

Engaging the services of a professional broker like TradeMarc Preschool Realty is the key to finding the right business for you. Purchasing an ongoing business can be a complicated procedure and we know what information you need to make an educated selection and move forward with a purchase. We are there with you every step of the way.

Contract Negotiation

We professionally prepare the offer to purchase your selected center and expertly handle all the negotiations with the seller. As the acquisition proceeds, we manage each step of the transaction and handle any obstacles as they arise in order to maintain an orderly progression. Additionally, we serve as the conduit between you and the seller for timely news and information about the process.


The licensing process begins approximately 30 days prior to closing. TradeMarc Preschool Realty assists you in filing the appropriate county and state required documentation, ensuring a smooth transition to operating your center after closing.

Post-Closing Transition Period

After the purchase is closed, we stay with you to assist you in a smooth transfer, enlisting the aid of the seller where appropriate to promote a successful transition. During this period, you may be operating under the seller’s license and could possibly be working with the seller completing some on-the-job training. This is the time to get to know your staff, parents and children who will be critical to the continuity of your ongoing business. At TradeMarc Preschool Realty our goal is a successful acquisition, reaching beyond your long-term success.

Securing the Right Financing

After you’ve been pre qualified and selected a center to potentially purchase, we market your contract to several lenders simultaneously. This creates competition amongst Lenders to win your business, and in the end allows us to obtain the best pricing and financial structure for your business. Navigating SBA financing (among other options) is one of our specialties.


For additional information, please visit our Financing page or Contact us.

Making an Offer

In order to determine if the seller of your selected center will agree to your price and terms, you must make an offer. You do this first, prior to doing any due diligence or costly research on the business and property. Of course, the offer will be subject to your independent verification of the due diligence information.

Due Diligence (Research)

The due diligence process includes the investigation of all or any other following: all aspects of the real estate, personal property, financials, insurance, licensing accreditation, financing, employee benefits and labor matters, intellectual property, legal, taxes, environmental and marketing/commercial situation of the company, and possibly other things.


At TradeMarc Preschool Realty we assemble the information you need to properly evaluate the business. We guide you through understanding all the elements of the business and its earning potential.

Closing the Transaction

Throughout the entire transaction, TradeMarc Preschool Realty is with you. From the initial evaluation and selection of your new center through the closing and beyond, we keep your objectives at the forefront, taking the stress out of a sometimes-complicated purchase.

Other Services

We have strategic relationships with businesses all over Florida that provide us with a wide range of networking capabilities. We can also recommend business intermediaries in areas of legal, accounting, incorporation, licensing, accreditation, payroll services, equipment purchase and leasing and business transfer service, who are very familiar with the childcare industry.

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