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TradeMarc PreschooRealty specializes in the sale of childcare centers. We work with qualified buyers, each of whom has been thoroughly screened to determine their eligibility to purchase a school. No information is ever released until the buyer has signed our proprietary Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement, ensuring the level of privacy and discretion necessary to safely sell your center. Additionally, we assist buyers in securing financing. Once we meet with you and fully understand your center and your requirements, we work closely with you to identify a suitable qualified buyer. If you are interested in selling, please Contact us.

Advantages of Sellers
Working with
Preschool Realty

We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, allowing us to find you the right buyer.

We personally visit and inspect every childcare center, completing a comprehensive review.

We assemble the documentation needed to provide the buyer with a comprehensive sales portfolio.

We analyze and review your financial records for the past 3 to 5 years.

We compile a complete profile of your ongoing business procedures.

We review licensing and accreditation records to ensure complete documentation and compliance.

We assemble the documentation needed to provide the buyer with a comprehensive sales portfolio.

After we have qualified a buyer, we provide them with a professional marketing package detailing the basic specifications of your business and property.

We diligently assess your business to determine the highest possible selling price.

We prepare income and cash flow statements for your center.

We present all offers in a timely fashion for your review and acceptance.

We professionally manage the entire sales process from listing to closing.

The Process of Selling a Childcare Center

The following is a brief overview of the selling process. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers on more topics related to selling a childcare center. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.


To begin you’re planning, we recommend a personal meeting. We keep every conversation completely confidential. Please Contact us to schedule a convenient time and location.

Center Evaluation and Profile

Whether you are considering selling now or planning for a future sale, it is important to know not only the fair market value of your business, but also how to best prepare your business to be sold. We understand how buyers will evaluate your business and how lenders will assess it. We use the utmost discretion, ensuring your staff will not become aware of your possible intentions. Our exclusive evaluation process will give you confidence that your asking price is fair and marketable.

Due Diligence (Research)

TradeMarc Preschool Realty assembles all the information needed for a buyer, and eventually their lender, to properly evaluate your business. This comprehensive sales portfolio typically includes the following: all aspects of the real estate (deeds, title insurance, surveys, floorplans, permits, etc.) Personal property, financials, insurance, licensing, accreditation, financing, employee benefits and other labor labor matters, intellectual property, legal, taxes, environmental and marketing/commercial situation of the company.

Closing the Transaction

Throughout the entire transaction, TradeMarc Preschool Realty is with you. From the initial evaluation of your center through the closing and transition, we appreciate this is not only a business transaction to you, but also that selling a business you built and worked so hard for can be an emotional experience. Satisfied sellers and buyers are our greatest accomplishment, and we enjoy a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

Other Services

We have strategic relationships with businesses all over Florida that provide us with a wide range of networking capabilities. We can also recommend business intermediaries in the areas of legal, accounting, incorporation, licensing, accreditation, payroll services, equipment purchase and leasing and business transfer services, who are very familiar with the childcare industry.

Listing your Business

Once we have completed your center evaluation profile, we meet again to discuss our comprehensive listing report. This report provides a detailed analysis of our findings, including a recommended listing price, a detailed marketing plan for your center and suggested repairs and improvements. Once we have reviewed and executed the exclusive listing agreement, we compile all the relevant information about your center into a comprehensive sales portfolio and immediately begin introducing your center to select qualified buyers.


We expertly handle negotiations with all the parties involved in the transaction. During these negotiations we provide objective insights to assist you in making an informed decision. As the sale proceeds, we manage each step of the transaction, handling obstacles as they arise to maintain an orderly progression. Additionally, we serve as the information conduit between you and the buyer to maintain the timetable specified by the contract. We work closely with you and your professional advisers to ensure you receive the highest possible proceeds for your business.


TradeMarc Preschool Realty will remain available for any additional assistance through the post-closing transition. It is vitally important that your employees and parents learn of the change in ownership, in a controlled environment. We will help you organize an “announcement meeting” to ease the concerns of all involved. At TradeMarc Preschool Realty a smooth and successful sale is one of our primary objectives.

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